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In 1987, my father began full time operation of his father's dairy farm. Operating under the 'Cambraelyn' prefix, he made his living milking Holstein dairy cattle and raising replacement heifers. Married in 1989, life changed with the addition of three children, myself in 1991 and my two brothers a few years later.

As time went on, we started to collect a few pets here and there, starting in 1996 with one female Beagle puppy. From there, the logical progression was to get a house cat, then my early obsession with horses led to my parents buying me two quarter horses.

Of course, my brother needed an animal too, which led to the purchase of two crossbred goats, then of course the other brother needed a pet and two guinea pigs were purchased. This resulted in me starting to breed show quality guinea pigs and owning up to 17 at one time.

As our interests developed, we found ourselves trying many new things, most involving pets and livestock. We are currently working on our farm, and relief milking at other farms.

We are active in the 4-H program as members and leaders and support youth programs in the area. We are also a part of our local Pentecostal Church, believing that everything we do is for the Glory of God and it's by His grace that we're able to do what we do.

Raising animals gives us a lot of insight into the world, good and bad. Interacting with the sheep flock allows us to see a lot of Biblical principles as humans really can be like sheep sometimes.

To date, we still have Dairy Cows, and, by God's Grace, were able to completely purchase the home farm in July 2010 from my Grandparents. This gave us the freedom to expand our other operations. We broke the trend to be 100% Holstein by buying three Milking Shorthorns in 2009.

We sell replacement Holstein heifers, percentage and commercial goats, commercial rabbits, commercial and registered sheep, lots of different kinds of birds and raise some animals for meat.

For the most part, we enjoy the country farm lifestyle and like to introduce it to other people so they can enjoy it too!

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