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December 27th Close Up

Sooo, the answer to the first close up challenge is....

Brooklyn's Fur

Brooklyn was the Holstein x Fleckveih heifer we had at the Lansdowne Fair in 2015. This is picture of her and me, just after I won the talent show by singing 'Born to Fly' by Sara Evans. 

I like this picture, because, well, I look awesome (if I do say so myself...). I rarely like how I look in pictures, but I really like this one. I also like how Brooklyn is giving me this 'are you serious' look because she's not on board with the whole picture thing. 

The picture for our close up (visit our Facebook to see the picture I posted for the challenge), was taken during milking the other night. It's the fur just behind her shoulder, which happens to be really curly, and probably derived from her beef background. Dairy cattle will grow thicker fur if they live outside, but it is rarely curly the way many beef breeds are. If you missed this week's close-up, don't worry, you can catch up next Sunday and make your guess on our next photo.

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