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Geraniums: Sun or Shade?

These two Geraniums are different colors, but they live in the same size of pot, and came from the same 'end of season sale' ($0.99!) in late spring this year. 

The difference is that one on the right has always lived inside on the bathroom counter. The other spent the summer outside on the porch with some potted tomatoes. So what I'm trying to figure it, is why the one inside grew so big, but didn't flower, when the one that was outside, grew a flower, but didn't grow and more plant. 

I guess Geraniums normally like full sun, but can live in partial shade too. The one on the bathroom counter would've gotten a lot of warmth, but not much direct sun (though the bathroom is very bright during the day). The outside Geranium had direct sun most of the time, and was watered regularly when I watered the other flowers out there.

So, I've done some research, but I'm still pretty much baffled. Guess we'll see how they do this winter in the same location.


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