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Cheyenne Dusty Clydesdale

It was May 2006. We had been operating the petting zoo for several years, and were at the Leeds County Draft Horse Club field day. I don’t recall who’s field it was, but I remember they were preparing a portion of it for planting, all with horsepower.

One of the Draft Horse Club members was a…

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Our First Milking Shorthorn

Sapphire was one of the first Milking Shorthorns we ever owned, and my first dairy cow. In honour of her 9th birthday yesterday, I thought I’d write a little about how she, and the other Shorthorns, came to be here. This picture is of her, the day she arrived. She is standing in her tie-stall, where…

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New Zealand Rabbits

New Zealands are a breed of rabbit, who despite their name, are American Made. They were developed in the early 1900’s, from many different breeds such as Angoras, Belgian Hares and Flemish Giants

They are currently recognized by ARBA in three colors, White, Red, Black. There is also a variety …

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4-H Season is Almost Here!

Well, the title is a bit of a misnomer, as 4-H is actually available year round in our county. We are involved in livestock projects though, so our clubs are focused on months with better weather.

4-H in Ontario is a program that has been around since 1915. This means that 2015 is the exciting 10…

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High Winds in Richmond

Last Saturday, we were invited to take the petting zoo to the Richmond branch of the Toronto Dominion Bank. We had a great time, but learned a few new things about how to secure our equipment in high winds. Basically, the concept is to use all available resources.

See, Friday night was windy here…

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Our First Blog Post

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick note to say that we have now started a blog. Wow, isn't that cool. This will be the place to learn more about agriculture, good food, family fun, and healthy living. We hope you enjoy it and will come back for more again and again.

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