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Livestock Sales


We breed a variety of purebred and grade livestock and have quality stock available for sale as breeding stock or pets. We usually post our For Sale ads to local Kijiji sites, and occasionally include them on our website. If you are looking for animals to add to your farm, contact us for details. 



Our sheep are Percentage Dorper. We lamb in January and sell through the Embrum Livestock Exchange on a regular basis. Our 4-H lambs have been highly successful over the years, and we run the West Leeds 4-H Sheep Club in Leeds County.




We breed Purebred and percentage Nubian, Boer, Alpine, and Saanen goats. We sell market kids through the Embrum Livestock Exchange, and sometimes sell bucks for breeding stock or wethers for pets. Does are available on occasion too. We run the West Leeds 4-H Goat club in Leeds



The variety is always changing... as all poultry fanciers know, you can't just keep one breed of chicken! We not only have chickens, but also call ducks and peafowl.

Registered Holsteins

Our farm has bred Registered Holsteins since the 1960's. Pictured is Cambraelyn Morel Esther, our first EX classified cow.


Registered Milking Shorthorns

We acquired our first Milking Shorthorns in 2009. We showed them for the first time in 2010. We are currently milking eight Milking Shorthorns and have several more heifers that are growing up to be cows in our herd.

Grade Jerseys

We have two Jersey's currently milking and use sexed semen where possible so we can increase the number of Jerseys in our herd.

Like our social media pages for more information about our farm livestock. 

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