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Fur, Feathers and Fins Agricultural Petting Zoo can provide your event with some great children's entertainment. We started out in the late nineties at the Leeds County Plowing match, telling Bible stories and doing face painting and games with the children. As time went on, we started bringing a few animals and realized that they attracted all ages, not just the kids. From there, our petting zoo has grown and we have been part of many different events.

Our petting zoo animals are specially selected from the cattle and goat herds and sheep flock on our working farm. Some animals find traveling stressful, so we only select ones that enjoy meeting people and adapt well to new locations.

We make most of our living milking dairy cattle, but we also raise many other animals. Because all are petting zoo animals are also working livestock, we don't allow people to hand feed them.

All of our animals are safe and friendly and stay in a secure, clean, enclosure, though sometimes we will take them on walks to meet with the people. Our goal is to teach the public where their food comes from and give them a better sense of what Canadian Agriculture really is.

We are fully insured and have years of experience working with the public. We always strive to provide education as well as entertainment so people learn something about our animals while they enjoy seeing them.

We have small animals available for birthday parties! We are educational and always able to teach about the animals we bring. We can also visit classrooms.

Rates vary depending on travel distance, amount of animals provided, and time of event. 




Thanks to the following organizations for inviting us to their events in the past!

* Loyalist Township Come Out and Play

* Lansdowne Fair Education Barn

* Leeds County Ploughing Match

* Lyndhurst Turkey Fair 

* Bethel Pentecostal Church

* Pine Grove Community Church

* Movies Under the Stars

* Frontenac Mall

* Westport Heritage Festival

* Seeley's Bay Canada Day Commitee

* Brockville Farmers Market

* Cedarview Alliance Church

* Spencerville Country Christmas

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