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Where do you get your facts from?

So we're done our first weekend at the Royal Winter Fair. It was a good weekend. We started by visiting some friends that we know in Toronto, then headed to the fair Sunday morning for the Youth Goat Show. Matthew placed 6th in Senior Showmanship, and 2nd in the Nubian goat class. 

The nice …

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Treats for Your Rabbit



At our farm, we really don't feed a lot of treats to the rabbits. Their diet is probably 98% rabbit pellets that are formulated for us by our vet and delivered in bulk direct from the Masterfeeds Elevator in Cavan. Rabbit pellets are the best nutrition for rabbits. They provide every…

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Lambing in Cold Weather


As the weather starts to get colder, we all know that winter is coming. You may be one of those weird, unique people who actually enjoy the season. We don't.

Well, we enjoy looking outside at the beautiful snow, but don't enjoy being out in it. Having animals means we spend a lot of time outsi…

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Dairy Goat Breeds


We've been working with our 4H Goat Club all summer, teaching them how to train and show their goat, and also helping them learn the facts they need to know for the show ring. Unlike most other types of animals, where only the handling of the animal is judged, goat judges ask the showpeople …

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4-H Season is Almost Here!

Well, the title is a bit of a misnomer, as 4-H is actually available year round in our county. We are involved in livestock projects though, so our clubs are focused on months with better weather.

4-H in Ontario is a program that has been around since 1915. This means that 2015 is the exciting 10…

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