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Animal Profiles: Esther

Esther is one of our oldest Holstein milking cows. She was born in January 7, 2003, so she's just over 14 years old. She was a 4-H Calf in 2003, though she totally had a mind of her own. Most calves catch on to halter training really quickly. With Esther, it wasn't that she didn't understand how to …

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Claire - And Why Fleckveihs are Amazing

When we went to the Outdoor Farm Show for the first time in 2011, we were excited to see new stuff, like big tractors, innovative farm equipment, and robotic systems like the amazing Lely and DeLaval milking robots installed, and milking small herds of cows for the duration of the show.

We saw al…

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Cheyenne Dusty Clydesdale

It was May 2006. We had been operating the petting zoo for several years, and were at the Leeds County Draft Horse Club field day. I don’t recall who’s field it was, but I remember they were preparing a portion of it for planting, all with horsepower.

One of the Draft Horse Club members was a…

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Our First Milking Shorthorn

Sapphire was one of the first Milking Shorthorns we ever owned, and my first dairy cow. In honour of her 9th birthday yesterday, I thought I’d write a little about how she, and the other Shorthorns, came to be here. This picture is of her, the day she arrived. She is standing in her tie-stall, where…

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