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January 3 Closeup - Show Halters

So, I got a little busy over the weekend, and didn't get the answer to Sunday's close-up photo posted until now.  The picture I posted is... a pile of leather show halters used for dairy or beef cattle. 

While rope halters are very adjustable and can fit almost any animal, leather halters are a little different. They do have straps and buckles that can be adjusted to some degree, but since a properly fitting show halter is very important to show ring appearance, there is no one size fits all option. You'll see in this photo, that Mahogany has her halter's noseband properly positioned about halfway between her eye, and the end of her nose. This helps create a look of balance, and also gives the most control for leading. 

We use rope halters for everyday handling, training, washing, trailering, etc. 

Calves don't start getting trained with leather halters until they are leading well in a rope halter. At that point, they will be transitioned to a leather halter and lead chain. Usually they perform better in a leather halter, because the thinner, softer material, coupled with the flat chain under the chin, allows the handler to give much more subtle cues and be more specific about what they want. 

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