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Saving Stuff for 'Crafts'

Are you guilty of this? You know that depression-era need to hoard everything for a rainy day? I think the concept worked well in the depression because people literally didn't have anything, but now in the affluent 21st century where a lot of us now live, storing up random bits of stuff is not as good of an idea. 

My weakness is crafts...

Now, I'm not a hoarder, because they develop an emotional attachment to items, even if they are of no value (like basically garbage) and getting rid of stuff causes them emotional trauma. I have no problems throwing things away, but I do tend to get myself in a guilt trip about it. I mean, what if I threw out, or gave away this item, only to have a need for it next week, where I have to actually go and PURCHASE the same item? I mean, so what if the item has been here for six years and I've never found a use for it? I still might need it. 

So called 'craft supplies' are the worst. Now I'm not talking pens, pencils, glue and paper. Those I have plenty of, but also use on regular basis. I'm talking the pair of jeans I used to really like, but are now too small, and too worn out to give away. I save them 'in case' I want to make a jean craft with them. Yeah. I have a jean lap quilt all cut out and ready to put together that's been sitting here for two years waiting for me to get bored enough to use the sewing machine for the entire two hours that it would require, the last thing I need is more material for a project I'm not going to do. Then there's the mismatched socks I've kept forever even though I'll never find their mates. Have you seen the cute projects you can make with socks???? 

Well, today things changed because I need to find space in my room to fit my new sound system (Thank You! Empower Sound). It's not that it's big, it's just that with my bed, dresser, computer desk, desk chair and all the assorted items that go along with running a couple of business, there isn't really room to move in my room anymore. So some of the so called 'craft supplies' have to go. 

Regardless on one's intentions, it can still be hard to figure out what to keep and what to throw out or give away. I found Kathi Lipp's three questions to be the best way to decide what stays and what goes. Here they are:

Do I use it?

Do I love it?

Would I buy it again?

If an item doesn't pass at least one of those three questions, it's time to donate or throw away.

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